Friday, December 21, 2007


It would be wise to understand, if you are a reader of this, to read only the words I am writing and try to grasp the simple meaning. I have waited 43 years to relay this story, which altered my life forever, and was a central cause in my radical behavior that followed my split from Tony Alamo.

I by no means am the only one who suffered from things done by Tony, but this is my story, and the followers of the Alamos' did not materialize till well after these occurrences. It is too easy to read into this what you want to believe. I am going to great lengths to accurately lay out what transpired.

I make no other claims than the ones I write. There will be no hidden intentions to imply anything not stated clearly by me as I write this. There will be things that I say which will be difficult, at best, to grasp without supposing that something else has been intended by the mere reporting of my recollections.

I realize there is great interest by some in the office meeting spoken of in the past by Tony Alamo. I have already said that there were only 3 people in that office, Tony, me and an investor. There was no press, no movie stars, no nothing other than the three of us. My version of this precise moment in time will be so far removed from what has been stated by Tony, that once you read it you might not be so glad to have to try and explain it to yourselves and each other.

Try and remember that I had to live with this moment, which was not easy, from then till now. It was the day that changed my life forever and caused me to reject outright anything and everything that came out of Tony Alamo's mouth from that day untill now. What I did after that day probably only occurred because of that day. I have been left to wonder for over 40 years what might have happened to me if that day had never happened.


  1. Reading your posts, I am filled with so much sadness for you; a talented, impressionable young man who coincidentally gets involved with a psychopathic shyster
    There are many of us reading this who want you to know we are sorry

  2. Was this jewish investor a help for you at all? I am wondering if this man was another ruse, victim, or accomplice of Tony A?

  3. Message from Bobby Jameson,
    I would like to thank you for posting this comment, because I have truly wondered if anyone even cared how difficult this is for me to write. I take no joy in the fact that I am exposing the truth about another human being and possibly causing people pain. I am out here on my own, as usual, with no place to hide and without the protection of anonymity. I would also like to thank Tom for using his name instead of making a statement about what I write, but being unwilling to say who made the statement. I know that you folks are reposting my work, because you are aware that others may not want this to be publicly known, so it is obvious that I am out here like a sitting duck.
    Bobby Jameson