Monday, July 25, 2011


Maybe you suck, because you edit out things and are biased. I have commented on almost every post and you have not published one of them because I ask possibly hard reflective questions to yet another self centered aging, sick baby boomer. You are no different. You are a wanna be. You were a wanna be "blues man" a wanna be Cherokee, and now just washed up on the shore licking your sores. Pathetic. You publish the same womens comments over and over. Barely any guys get published on your b-log, only ones you have a 'warm spot in your heart' for..and that means, someone that will only say nice pitter patter to you. Wow, you show thinness of integrity. What you afraid of bobby-o? You got suckered, because you are a sucker. A white bred- hollywood illusion that had bad reception. yeah I know others that constantly squeel, "I'm being honest " yadda yadda yadda. YOu are just looking for sympathy crumbs and when someone takes the time to comment, you better damn well post them otherwise it shows you are thin-skinned. Just the fact you still smoke cigarettes shows you are a fraud. FUCK YOU BOBBY JAMISON - we are now in the process of distributing your fake LP through torrents that you ripped off the lyrics for by the real Ducey which you have not bothered to mention. You heard his re-interpolated and that's why it was not honored. Ducey got screwed and you helped with the vaseline.
By •O•A•T•S•T•A•O•

This is an example of someone's idea of a worthy comment...they wonder why I won't post things like here it decide...

Me lighting up for you...


  1. Whaaa-- What?! Anybody care to explain the connection between tobacco use and fraud? And last I checked, the Chris Ducey album has been lost for decades... never heard of Chris Ducey complaining about you ripping him off, so I'm going to stop wasting brain cells wondering what sort of authority this poster has in his claims.

  2. Wow, what an idiot! This rant really makes me wonder just what the heck is his point?

    Don't you worry about the mouth-breathers - they're just not worth your time.

    Best wishes always,

  3. Must be the same person who ranted on my blog the other day. My thought was the same as Nathaniel's: I never saw a complaint from Ducey anywhere, and he's certainly had the wherewithal to do so.

  4. I want to retract my hostility to you Ol' Bob. I just don't take that old Hollywood show to heart, so I know you've been kicked around by that delusion.

    I want to also retract my statement of distro'ing your LP. I decided against it the next day and I'm rather surprised you have published this on your b-log.

    No matter.

    You have now focused on some Christian Yaa hoo-to kick the ball around with.

    So, let's say you were christian. Would you swear on the blood of Jesus that you NEVER heard those bloody tapes?? I see some comments garnish an idea that Ducey is still alive. From what I gather, he is dead. I respect your true talent, and do believe you have artistic integrity, but I know that does not matter, it's just a view, and I was harsh and I don't want to come off dour or unfair, so I will be unhostile, I pose the question, and I won't attack again.
    And I truly am a fan of your music. Something about your output at times is offputting and scratchy that serves up temptation to lash back, due to the fact, I'm dealing with so many Baby Boomers knocking around, "running things" leaving the smallest gap for intelligence and spark for life it's unnerving. - I then realized this is the same thing you are dealing with. I was ignorant to pose you as the typical Baby Boomer. Typical Hollywood dream chaser, sure, that's more than mild, and fair, yet still delusional. But who doesn't have their delusions.

    Really in an awkward way, I am a fan, otherwise I would not have seeked out your 45's and LP's and read your blog every week or so.
    And being involved directly in music as a musician and a collector of sounds and trivial fool of cross references, your story and patterns are pretty fucking cool yet heartbreaking.

    I'm sure you understand something about what I say, and I do understand if you don't care to, or don't get where I was coming from as it was fueled but some tension and codeine 'hawtyness' .

    If that can explain anything, cool.
    If not, stay cool, you are a fighter. - Goatstao - psychedeligoat of the Soulless automatons

  5. Yeah psychedeligoat...if I were a christian I'd swear on the blood of Jesus that I never heard Ducey's tapes....if I'd heard them I'd just say I heard them...