Saturday, May 24, 2008


I don't want to have to get in to this, but I feel as though I must at this point. I have been pretty damn sick for over 10 years. I have massive headaches all the time, and blurred vision most of the time. I am not complaining as much as I am telling you of the daily routine of my life.

I haven't had an income in a long time. I have no insurance, but will be able to get Medicare at 65. I live in a 40 year old mobile home with my 89 year old mother, and have to deal with my mentally ill older brother Bill during the day, seven days a week. I have three people, Terri, Kurt, and Nelson, from Narcotics Anonymous, who visit me every now and then, and bring me a carton of cigarettes, which is like winning the lottery.

I try each day to come here and write, whether I feel like it or not. I go to myspace and facebook where I try to communicate with people about this blog and the music I post. It doesn't cost anybody anything, except time, to interact with me. I am accessible to just about anybody.

I try to remember details and dates regarding this blog and at times it is a struggle. I have asked that those who have made money selling the music I created share with me in those proceeds. They have refused. People email me, or leave comments, and say things I do not agree with about this blog. I tell them what I think, and at times they get angry and attack me for my position, but it's my life and my story. A few just want me to write about what they're interested in, but I am trying to convey the whole story in the way that it happened.

Others want me to write about Diane Linkletter's death instead of what I write. There was a two year gap between "Color Him In" and "Working," and I am trying to fit all the parts and pieces of that gap together in a cohesive story line that is accurate as well as interesting. All of the subjects will be discussed when they come up in their proper time frame.

Prior to "Color Him In" it was one record after another from 1963 to 1967, which made the story move along easily from one point to the next. That is no longer the case. I have, and am trying to remember, all that transpired between "Color Him In" and "Working," because it involves 2 years of my life, and represents massive change. There are many factors to be considered.

I am sorry if my desire to keep you entertained and interested has fallen short of some of your expectations. I never planned on writing a blog, or laying out my dirty laundry for everyone and anyone to examine. I actually started this blog by accident. My friend Whiteray, who writes his blog "Echoes In The Wind," did a story on my album "Working." I didn't know him at the time, but I went and read his blog and was surprised but pleased by his opinion of my album. I was determined to leave him a comment, but couldn't unless I got a Google account. In that process I was given a blog on Blogger, and that is how this got started.

I wrote nothing for months, because I did not know what to say. I just started writing here one day, never really expecting anyone to notice, but since then I have gotten a lot of people who read what I write, and some have decided I am merely here to promote myself at other's expense. This is about as irrational a position as I can imagine. I am writing a story here, my story.

I just started writing the facts down about my life one day...............