Wednesday, May 28, 2008

(part 74) "WAIT FOR ME" 1968 SONG FOR 2nd VERVE ALBUM

This song "Wait For Me" was also titled "I Promise I'll Be There" and was one of many songs written in 1968 for what was never accomplished. The second VERVE release.

Not knowing the width or depth of what I was attempting to do in a second album, Verve Records dropped me without explanation, payment, or an accounting of any kind for "Color Him In." Because of some of the material's volatility and controversial nature most of what was written and prepared for the album was never heard by anyone at Verve.

The songs, and a few recordings, such as 'HOLY HOLY HOLY," were only part of the structure of the overall concept for the second album. They were so poorly received that the decision to drop me from the label was not even discussed. Verve's decision was made on what they had heard about the songs from various sources. I'm not sure anyone at Verve actually heard any of the music. They were reacting to the concept of the album.

It is quite easy to base a decision for throwing out a barrel of apples, because a couple were unpleasant, but it may be that the rest of that barrel would have been worthwhile. There has always been a flow from negative to positive and back again through all my work, which is apparent when you look at what I have done from 1963 forward.

Some may deem this a side issue, and far afield from the whole story I am endeavoring to tell, but what I have written and posted here, for your consumption, are pieces of my work and my life. To me, each and all that I make available here has it's own history and life within the greater context of the entire history of Bobby Jameson and Chris Lucey.

Verve Records, as Mira Records did before them, made a shortsighted and shallow mistake regarding my second album. Likewise, as some who have followed my story have done, Verve Records never bothered to look past the surface and the rumors and innuendo that followed my recording of "HOLY HOLY HOLY."

Just as the engineer who refused to finish the "Holy Holy Holy" session, and then was convinced by reason to change his mind, I deserved the opportunity to state my case to VERVE which never happened. What is written here and posted here, in any of the forms used, is free, and has never been seen before. Some of what I say and do will be questioned and judged by some, and that is fair, but try to allow me the right to tell my story in my own way. It is not easy to be so closely scrutinized in public, maybe you ought to try it.