Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have an internet stalker following me around online. I have written about him before. His name is Tom Leatherwood and he lives in Paso Robles, CA not too far from me in San Luis Obispo. He is a so called solid citizen in his community and a success in business. He owns an aviation company and properties in Paso Robles, and is second in command at the local Rotary Club. For all intense and purposes he appears to be totally legitimate. He is a christian, according to his own words, but seems to have missed the part about Thou Shalt Not Judge, because judge is what he does, and I am his target. I will post below Tom Leatherwood's own words from September 2011, which he sent to my fb account as evidence. I do not know this man, and have never met him on any occasion. I am not, nor have I ever been friends with him on fb or anywhere else. He decided, some time ago, to learn all he could about me and then email me about what he thought, and to tell me how much research he put into the subject of Bobby Jameson.

Tom Leatherwood to Bobby Jameson on facebook messages...

(Tom) Being on the internet is a waste of time for you. MUch less facebook. Ive seen some sniveling whining morons in my life but you take the cake. Ive listened to your whining, read your internet crap and all i have to say is that you get narcissist of the world award. Youve spent your life whining about all the fame and money your "talent" couldnt provide and im sick of it. Face reality. You didnt have it. You just didnt HAVE it. Get it through your head. THATS WHY IT DIDN'T HAPPEN FOR YOU. NO ONE TOOK YOUR IDEAS AND MADE THEM PAY OFF! Anymore then you could. Facebook isnt a place for whining and boo hooing about all the fame you couldnt create, that you didnt deserve. Get a life. While you can. IF you can. Its doubtful.
Stop the pity party. It sickening to listen to. Ive been watching and listening to your crap the last year and tried to be christian in my thoughts. Ive kept my council and talked to people that profess to know you and have finally hit the wall. Get OVER yourself.
Your NOT Jesus Christ, and your NOT Bob Dylan and nobody gives a shiit. And believe it or not, this advice comes to you in all sincerity.
Your a human being and your Gods child. Start acting like it.
Good luck.

44 minutes later...Bobby Jameson to Tom Leatherwood

Well you punk ass mother fucker....anytime shit head...any fucking time you want......Bobby

30 minutes later...Tom Leatherwood to Bobby Jameson
Spoken like a true phsycopath. And then what? Your going to beat me up? For telling you what your friends won't? And what will that change? It's about GROWING UP "Bobby". "punk ass mo fo"? Shithead? I havent heard those since about 1960? What you got from me was good advice, what you do with it is your business. Adios

29 minutes later...Bobby Jameson to Tom Leatherwood
You are an arrogant fake Christian Tom...and yes I will kick the living shit out of you......I'm right down the hill asshole in SLO....

The above was the first communication I received from Tom Leatherwood in September of 2011 on my fb profile message account. I posted it on my blog soon after it happened and figured that was that, but not so. Yesterday, Monday March 19, 2012, I found a new set of comments on a photo album of mine on my fb music page from Tom Leatherwood, which means he has been following me for many more months....those comments are posted below.

Tom Leatherwood (comment on Bobby Jameson music page)

The real point is that people promote music and people BUY music that is good and that they like. It behooves the promoters to PROMOTE and therefore PROFIT from that endeavor. When that DOESNT happen its not a conspiracy to keep a talented composer/promoter down and broke. People that DON'T make the big time either get on with their lives and make something of them or wallow in self pity and waste it.
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Tom Leatherwood (second comment)
Tell yourself your a victim often enough and you end up believing it.,,,

It is clear that Tom Leatherwood doesn't like me and doesn't care for any of my work or written history. He is convinced that he knows best and believes he has the right, if not a christian duty, to tell me what he thinks. All I want is for Tom Leatherwood to back off and leave me alone. I accept that his opinion of me is thoroughly negative, but will continue to make a public issue of his seeming obsession with me as long as he persists in harassing me. I am posting this information publicly so others who may know Tom Leatherwood will gain a fuller understanding of who he really is.