Thursday, July 3, 2008

(part 85) BROKEN WINDOWS Written and sung by Bobby Jameson "WORKING"

"Working" is the most obscure of the 3 Jameson albums. Because of that, far less attention has been paid to this work, and that continues to be the case. Other than my friend at "Echoes In The Wind," and a couple of other music blogs, almost no one has ever heard this recording until now.

There is no built in interest for this album, like there was for "Color Him In" and Chris Lucey's "Songs Of Protest And Anti Protest." As well, the other two recordings have been reissued as cd's while "Working" has not.

As I move into this particular segment of the Bobby Jameson story, possibly some of the interest has fallen off, proving there is more curiosity for certain specific parts, than there is interest in the whole story. Like a buffet, people stop in to sample what they have a taste for, and then leave with a doggy bag of scraps for later.

Unfortunately for me, I am stuck with the whole story. Not only the telling of it, but having to relive it once again. I struggle through my emotions and the past, trying to remember it all in some detail. But as I continue, I am aware that there is less interest in "Working," and what is contained musically between the grooves, as it were.

Because of this, I assume there may be some surprise at hearing a country song like "Broken Windows" on the record, which is one of 3 songs I wrote for this album. But I am confident as well, that if you take the time to listen to the music from "Working," you just might find what my friend Whiteray, from the blog "Echoes In The Wind" found: That "Working" is a highly personal creation by an artist, and is an album recorded in 1968 by the same person who made "Color Him In" in 1966, and "Songs Of Protest" in 1965.

This blog is the only complete and accurate source of information and music on the planet regarding the musical career and life of Bobby Jameson (aka) Chis Lucey that exists. It is not here to make you like me, or agree with me. It is here as an ongoing historical record of factual information regarding the specific subject matter of the history of Bobby Jameson. It is more like a human museum than a blog for passers by.

If you hear clicks and scratchy noises on all of the recordings from "WORKING" posted here, it's because they have been taken directly off 40 year old vinyl.

Once again I must thank Red Rhodes, James Burton, Jerry Scheff, Ben Benay, and Toxi French for their wonderful work...