Monday, June 20, 2011

Historical List Of Released Records By Bobby Jameson...1963 to 1977

This is the most extensive list yet compiled of records released on labels by Bobby Jameson from 1963 to 1978. Bobby James was the name used on Jameson's first record in 1963 Let's Surf/Take This Lollipop. This list provides a clear history of most, but not all, of Bobby Jameson's released records on vinyl.

Bobby Jameson's first record under the name Bobby James. Jolum 1963 with Elliot Engber playing surf guitar
Take This Lollipop Jolum 1963...first record as Bobby James aka Bobby Jameson

I'm So Lonely Talamo 1964 American release

I'm So lonely London American 1964 UK....

I Wanna Love You Talamo 1964 American release

I Wanna Love You London American 1964 UK...

Okey Fanoky Baby Talamo 1964

Meadow Green Talamo 1964

All I Want Is My Baby Decca. Recorded with Mick Jagger and Andrew Oldham in London 1964 UK

Each And Every Day Decca 1964 UK

All I Want Is My Baby London 1965 American release

Each And Every Day London 1965 American release

Rolling Stones Works "All I Want Is My Baby/Each And Every Day" by Bobby Jameson Deram, Polydor date?

Walking Through The Sleepy City "All I Want Is My Baby/Each And Every Day" by Bobby Jameson. Rolling Stones Works. Various labels London, Japanese Parlaphone

Rum Pum Mum Num Brit 1965 UK

I Wanna Know Brit 1965 UK

The original Songs Of Protest And Anti Protest by Chris lucey aka Bobby Jameson on Surrey Records 1965

Too Many Mornings Joy Records 1966. Another version of Songs Of Protest by Chris Lucey retitled and using Bobby Jameson's name. Released in Europe and Canada

Songs Of Protest in Vee-Jay Records box set

Girl From The East written by Bobby Jameson from Chris Lucey Songs Of Protest by The Leaves "Hey Joe" single and album 1966

Hey Joe album The Leaves Mira 1966 "Girl From The East" written by Bobby Jameson

The Leaves Are Happening Capitol records 1967 Sundazed Records "Girl From The East" written by Bobby Jameson

Reconsider Baby/Low Down Funky Blues Penthouse 1966 with Frank Zappa

B-side of Reconsider Baby and Roogalator 1966 Penthouse

Gotta Find My Roogalator Penthouse 1966 with Frank Zappa

Low Down Funky Blues Penthouse 1966

All Alone/Your Sweet Lovin Current Records 1966

Mondo Hollywood "Vietnam" movie and soundtrack 1967. Also released as a single with Metropolitan Man on Mira Records 1966

Verve label side 1 Color Him In 1967

Verve label side 2 Color Him In 1967

Places Times And The People 1967 single release from Color Him In

The New Age 1967 single from Color him In

Jamie 1967 Verve single from Color Him In

Right By My Side 1967 Verve single from Color Him In

Color Him In by Bobby Jameson 1967 Verve

Last released album by Bobby Jamesoon in 1969 GRT Records

single release Palo Alto GRT Records 1969

single release Singin The Blues GRT 1969

single release Stay With Me Robert Parker Jameson aka Bobby Jameson 1977-78 RCA Records

single release Long Hard Road RCA Records 1977-78

Saturn Rings Michele O'Malley ABC Records 1969 CD Fallout 2006

"Know Yourself" written by Bobby Jameson
"Would You Like to Go" written by Bobby Jameson
"White Linen" written by Bobby Jameson and Michele O'Malley

Rastus "Steamin" GRT early 70's 2 songs co-written by Bobby Jameson

This album by Tony Sheridan, original lead singer of The Beatles, was recorded after the death of Elvis Presley in 1977 with the Elvis Presley Band. It contains 3 songs written by Bobby Jameson. Growin' Pains Of Time, I've Seen It All Before, and Good Ol Music (country rock n roll)