Tuesday, September 6, 2011


14 hours agoTom Leatherwood
Being on the internet is a waste of time for you. MUch less facebook. Ive seen some sniveling whining morons in my life but you take the cake. Ive listened to your whining, read your internet crap and all i have to say is that you get narcissist of the world award. Youve spent your life whining about all the fame and money your "talent" couldnt provide and im sick of it. Face reality. You didnt have it. You just didnt HAVE it. Get it through your head. THATS WHY IT DIDN'T HAPPEN FOR YOU. NO ONE TOOK YOUR IDEAS AND MADE THEM PAY OFF! Anymore then you could. Facebook isnt a place for whining and boo hooing about all the fame you couldnt create, that you didnt deserve. Get a life. While you can. IF you can. Its doubtful.
Stop the pity party. It sickening to listen to. Ive been watching and listening to your crap the last year and tried to be christian in my thoughts. Ive kept my council and talked to people that profess to know you and have finally hit the wall. Get OVER yourself.
Your NOT Jesus Christ, and your NOT Bob Dylan and nobody gives a shiit. And believe it or not, this advice comes to you in all sincerity.
Your a human being and your Gods child. Start acting like it.
Good luck.

44 minutes agoBobby Jameson
Well you punk ass mother fucker....anytime shit head...any fucking time you want......Bobby

30 minutes agoTom Leatherwood
Spoken like a true phsycopath. And then what? Your going to beat me up? For telling you what your friends won't? And what will that change? It's about GROWING UP "Bobby". "punk ass mo fo"? Shithead? I havent heard those since about 1960? What you got from me was good advice, what you do with it is your business. Adios

29 minutes agoBobby Jameson
You are an arrogant fake Christian Tom...and yes I will kick the living shit out of you......I'm right down the hill asshole in SLO....

25 minutes agoTom Leatherwood
No, your not going to do anything. Get a handle on your anger...then get a grip on yourself...You don't know a thing about me. This is about you, not me pal. Your your own worst enemy...

23 minutes agoBobby Jameson
It's about you Tom.....but you are unaware of it....you don't know me either.....You think because you blather about christianity that you have some special right and duty to look down on me in judgement........
You ought to go to my profile on fb...because I have made you a star........

Tom Leatherwood
Not at all, I just got sick of having to see all of your self pity played out on Facebook.Thats not what its for. And Bobby? Nobody cares what you have on your profile ok? ok.


  1. I'm with Tom on this one. Bobby Jameson has the thinnest skin and is the whiniest mofo on the net. I can't believe you've managed to keep this blog going for a few years by regurgitating your cud over and over. What a dreadful human being you are. Try getting a job and shut the hell up. Just go away and take your 3 washed up pals with you. Now...can I get my ass kicked too? I dare you to show this post.

  2. James, Tom ...if you can't stand someone's story: back off. I bloody well know your kind....and oh yeah don't say to say grace to your gods!


  3. Yeah James you can get your ass kicked.....I live right down the hill from you big mouths...I posted your chicken-shit comment so now what? I suppose you are another one of the fake christian zealots out doing the lord's work... You assholes couldn't have survived a week in my life.....You don't know me...either of you...I guess it just pisses you off that I am so close to you and complain so much.....I am a loser and a whiner and need to be straightened out by you two geniuses and all my music sucks and nobody cares. You want me to grow up...get a job....be like you.....I been disliking your kind of shit since I moved here in 85.....yeah I know....why don't I leave.....