Sunday, August 31, 2014

Women I knew In The 60's

gail sloatman

carol paulus

paula servetti

nancy harwood

sharon rogers



  1. I have turned comment moderation back on because some people like to make juvenile remarks....sorry to have to do it, but i was left with no alternative......

  2. I'm not sure my comments totally fit, but they might be of interest. I happened upon your blog while searching for several names, of persons that I have known over the years. Thank you, Mr. Google.

    I have lived in Torrance, California for most of my life. And, during that time, went to school with several people that you had contact with in the music business:
    Toxie/Toxey French.........I went to elementary school with him, and then at least one year of high school in Torrance. I played brass (very poorly), while Toxey played drums. He lived a couple of blocks from me.
    Mike Deasy...........he was in the high school band with me. I had no clue that he was a professional musician before graduating.
    Mike Henderson...........along with Mike D., was in the HS band with me. "The Two Mikes," as I have been calling them had similar careers, although I assume that Mike Henderson has passed away. Maybe you have some information on him.
    Ted Bleuchel...........played drums in our HS band. He was a founding member of The Association.
    Bob Hite..........I went to elementary and high school with Bob. He was a founding member of Canned Heat.

    And, then Nancy Harwood. I met her only a few years ago, as she was a business partner with the sister of a lady that I went to high school with. By that time she had married, and was known as Nancy Kelly. I had the pleasure with seeing her several times when she attended our school reunions, including a cruise. Sadly, Nancy passed away a few months ago. She was still beautiful in every way.

  3. Hello Bobby,

    I am a lifelong music fanatic who writes a pop music history blog that celebrates studio songcraft of all types and stripes.

    Your 1967 Verve single - "Right By My Side" - will be the featured song and you will be the featured artist this Thursday, Dec. 18th.

    I love your work - feel free to tune in:

    Chris Richardson

  4. Hello Bobby,

    I just now posted my piece about "Right By My Side" from the 1967 Verve album. I love your music - hope you like the piece I put together.

    Thanks for the inspiration,

    Chris Richardson

  5. Thank you Chris. Just visited the site and post and left you a thank you comment....again Thank you...and I am sorry it took me so long to respond..... Bobby

  6. Sharon was a sweetheart who just recently passed away. Rest in peace.