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Billboard Magazine 1964

I am doing my best to write factually about the events in the life of (me) Bobby Jameson. There has been, and continues to be, enormous contradictions regarding what Tony Alamo has said about these events, and what (my) Bobby Jameson's position is. There is widespread interest, it appears, from followers and ex-followers of Tony Alamo.

Some will not believe what is said here, because they won't ever believe anyone but Tony. Others will want to believe what is written here, simply because anything that negatively portrays Tony Alamo fits into their way of thinking. I am not interested in either side's position. I have my own side to represent and it can only be represented honestly with facts known only to Bobby Jameson and Tony Alamo.

In the end, there will be two different versions of the same events, as described by the two individuals who were originally involved. While Tony has spent decades representing his version of these events, it is only after 43 years, that (my) Bobby Jameson's side of this story comes to light.

Tony Alamo made millions of dollars with his brand of honesty, and hurt countless human beings in the process. Bobby Jameson made nothing, and has struggled for over 4 decades to make ends meet while obtaining and maintaining 31 years of sobriety. It is only because of the internet's creation and popularity that this opportunity to tell my story became possible. Prior to the internet Bobby Jameson was no more than an obscure fact of music history.

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  1. Bobby,
    Speaking as one former member of Tony Alamo's cult, I want only the truth and it is clear from your writings that that is your goal also. I appreciate very much how you have honestly articulated your experiences with Alamo. We all know Tony is a LIAR. Your story will just serve to let us know how big of a liar he is.

    Here's what Tony Alamo said in a tract called Signs of the Times copyrighted in 1984.
    "It was during one of these big promotional extravaganzas that I met Jesus of Nazareth, my Lord. My mind was so far removed from anything concerning God the day He turned my whole world upside down. I had picked up a boy singer, a complete unknown, and did a gigantic promotion on him. I had him booked to all the top television shows.
    I was driving around town in a chauffeur driven limousine with a police escort and an entourage of seventeen people, putting the world on a trip. I had a barber, a body guard, a nurse,, and all sorts of "yes" men. If I went to a hot dog stand, or a motion picture premiere, I went with the limousines, chauffeurs, cops, the whole regalia. The body guard would step into the velvet pillow. The barber would comb our hair, the nurse take our pulse. One of the fellows would spray us with cologne, another strew flowers in our path, and the cops would stand at attention. Where did I get the cops, the chauffeurs and the limousines? I rented them from a funeral parlor for a hundred bucks a day."

  2. continuation of Tony Alamo's tract, Signs of The Times:

    "I had spent so much money on promotional ads and on keeping the entourage of seventeen people that my expenses were running into thousands of dollars a day and I needed money. My attorney told me some of the superstars had invested money in a holding firm and they were interested in investing money in my campaign. Would I meet with them and their attorneys? At first I said no. "I have a hit record, the record distributors owe me money. Within 30 to 45 days I will have all the money I need." My attorney said, "Tony, the way you spend money, there is no way you can survive 30 to 45 days." I ranted and raved. "Sure they will put up the dough. I have the star made. I've done all the work. Why wouldn't they take the frosted cake for a million bucks?"
    "Well, Tony," he reasoned, "don't sell half of him." I agreed to see them and offer five percent for fifty thousand. Little did I know what was waiting for me that day."

    more to follow

  3. More from Signs of the Times:

    "The black limousines lined up, the police escort went into formation, and we cruised down the streets with motorists and pedestrians gaping, wondering who the dignitaries were. We cruised over to the attorney's office. The police lined up the limousines, the chauffeurs opened the doors, and we got out of the limos and went up one flight of stairs to the attorney's offices in Beverly Hills. The offices were packed. The motion picture stars were there, their attorneys and, of course, my seventeen people.
    The attorney representing the investment firm was a little Jewish man. He came forward rubbing his hands and smiling. "Tony Alamo," he said, "I have been wanting to meet you. This is the greatest promotion I have ever seen in all my years in the industry. It is an extravaganza," he exlaimed, sweeping the wall with a gesture, and I saw he had the whole promotion laid out on his wall, still rubbing his hands and smiling as we sat down.
    "Now," he said, "I understand you boys need a little money." I was getting ready to haggle with him, and I thought to myself, "I have one up on him. He thinks I am Italian and I know he is Jewish." I answered him with, "Well, I don't need as much money as you had originally offered."
    more to follow

  4. Comment by Bobby Jameson in response to comment.

    I have heard this rendition of Tony's account of this event before, and all I can tell you at this point is that it is complete and utter nonsense. It did not happen that way. I will give my version of exactly what transpired shortly. There is context to these events and I am determined to relay this story as it truly happened.

    Bobby Jameson

  5. I am glad you are so determined.

  6. What's wrong with Alamo's account of the events. It's simply his side. He has admitted many times on air how much of a slime bag he was. He was a liar. He was everything Bobby mentions, by his own admission. Nice that Bobby has a enough self confidence and honesty that he doesn't call Alamo a 'child molestor' like the lying kyke media - which zero evidence was ever found..but the conjecture is there. RIP Bobby. RIP Tony.